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Blasting & Painting


Indahraya has state-of-the-art sandblast and paint booths for performing quality blast and paint work. This enables Indahraya to handle a job from start-to-finish instead of sub-contracting blast and paint work to others, which allows better control of the job and quicker delivery. Both the blast and the paint booths are large enough to accommodate a standard over-the-road trailer. Indahraya uses various blasting abrasives depending on the job and the desired surface profile, and sprays many different coatings to suit customer requirements for finish, gloss retention, or corrosion resistance.

Service capabilities include:
- Tank blasting and painting
- Tank interior blasting and lining removal
- Blast profiling for liner installation
- Chassis blasting and painting
- Tank trailer undercarriage blasting and painting
- LP gas bottle painting
- Pressure Vessel blasting and painting





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